Friday, 19 October 2012

Why do the characters you meet, die in that same EPISODE?!? PART 3

We've covered EPISODEs 1 and 2, now we'll start and finish EPISODE 3: REVENGE OF THE SITH!!!! First off we got Wookiees. a very famous character in STAR WARS that is very well known. We meet the Wookiees in heated battle with  the Droids in Kashyyyk. They're fighting side by side with the Clonetroopers       trying to push back the Droids. While they are using crossbows and turret, half of their army dies. But some how Chewbacca manages to help Yoda escape while fending off the Clones who are now evil plus the Droids. I'm pretty sure most of the Wookiees die except Chewbacca. The next character who dies is General Grievous. We meet this Lightsaber-stealing, four-armed Droid general fighting Obi-Wan. General Grievous is first seen in EPISODE 3 and dies in EPISODE 3. EPISODE 3 had the Wookiees and General Grievous who we meet and died in EPISODE 3. Until next time!!!! :)

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