Friday, 5 October 2012

Why do the characters you meet, die in that same EPISODE?!? PART 2

Now that we've finished talking about EPISODE 1, we'll begin on EPISODE 2. First off we have Jango Fett. We meet the bounty hunter from Kamino after Obi-Wan has a little chat with his friend Dex. Obi-Wan meets Jango Fett who was very unpleasant with his acquaintance. Obi-Wan has a small fight between Jango and his son Boba. Later on in the story, Jango is brutally destroyed by Mace Windu who chops off his head with the helmet still on. GRUESOME! We meet Jango and his small family; his part in the story then he dies in that same EPISODE. I don`t know about you but I find that a bit uncommon. I believe Jango Fett is the only one who dies in this EPSIODE. So leave your opinions/comments in the comments section. Until next time. :)    

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